The future of the UK after Brexit

The future of the UK after Brexit

Author: Jelle Huisman

The planned date for Brexit is 31-01-2020. After the last elections, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to have a strong mandate to actually deliver Brexit. The conditions under which Brexit will take place are still very unclear and uncertain. The year 2020 seems to be too short to clarify this.

Yesterday I attended an event about Brexit at the Industry Club Düsseldorf, organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The subject of the evening was the imaginable future of Great Britain. Speakers included an advisor from the English Embassy in Germany and a consul general. The room was very full and apparently there is a lot of interest in Brexit. I myself was very curious about the vision of the two experts on the future of Great Britain after Brexit. Both speakers started the evening with a presentation. This was followed by a stage discussion in which the audience could ask questions.

No clear vision

It soon became clear from the speeches that the experts present did not have a clear vision for the future Great Britain in the economic field. According to them, the country’s opportunities lie in obvious topics such as mobility, energy generation and the use of algorithms would provide solutions. After it turns out that the experts have spent most of their working lives outside of Great Britain in various diplomatic posts, I start to wonder whether they are capable of conveying the sentiment that lives in the UK well. One of the experts even told me that press statements received by the English Embassy in Germany show that Boris Johnson has many good plans and will certainly not let Scotland leave the UK. After all, Scotland cannot live on the sale of chocolate and whiskey, the reasoning is.

Many public questions

It has now become clear that the experts present mainly try to defend the positions of their government, without saying much about future developments in their country. However, the people in the audience have many questions.

Most of the questions are logical questions of a practical nature. How can people travel to Britain for work after Brexit and which sectors will benefit most from Brexit? The experts are willing and try to answer each question as well as possible. The answers only show that they do not know very well. Anything is possible. I’m beginning to worry about the people living in the UK. Fortunately, the last question from the audience fits in well with this. The question is how the people of the United Kingdom, the ordinary people, look at their country after Brexit and what expectations they have of it. The answer of the experts is that they don’t know…

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We will continue to follow all developments around Brexit closely and are eagerly looking forward to the end of the month.