Results MMT Forex automatic trading system January 2020

Results MMT Forex automatic trading system January 2020

The Major Markets Trading forex automatic trading system closed the first month of the new year with a plus of 2.85 percent.

By closing a number of loss-making positions in November 2019, the trading system has regained room to take new positions. These new positions then generate the result in the following months. This is clearly reflected in the results of the trading system in December and January.

Within the trading system, managing the drawdown remains the biggest challenge. The average drawdown is currently about 20 percent of the account balance. In the past year, the trading system achieved a result of 31.62 percent. Currently, most followers of the trading system need between 6 and 8 months before the total value of their account will grow.

At Major Markets Trading we find it important to mention that periodic drawdowns are part of trading and should be accepted as such. We still see too many signal providers in the market who only display profitable results, without paying attention to loss-making positions or overall results based on a system.

The trading system is very suitable for traders who have little time to trade, do not have programming knowledge and want to remove emotions from trading.

Below you’ll find an overview of the results of the forex trading algorithm up to and including the month of January.

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Profits or losses on open positions are not included in the results.