Improved forex trading system sign-up procedure

Improved forex trading system sign-up procedure

The number of participants in the Major Markets Trading forex automatic trading system is increasing. In connection with this, we have further automated our registration procedure. If you are interested, you can register directly online via the subscriptions page.

Major Markets Trading’s forex trading system is accessible via a subscription. The subscription is offered on a monthly basis and there are no fixed subscription periods. You decide for yourself when you want to trade and with which position sizes you follow the algorithm. This way you have and keep full control over your own account.

DAX30 automatic trading system

Investors who wish to participate in the DAX30 automatic trading system must currently register via the contact form. It is expected that we will automate the registration process at the beginning of next year.

In the coming months, some interesting products will be added to our product range. For some markets we will provide separate trading signals that are suitable for day trading.

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