Het Beurslab results June 2019

Het Beurslab results June 2019

The Beurslab closes the month of June with a net profit of € 137,25 per lot. In the second quarter of 2019, a net profit of just under € 500.00 per lot was achieved. An excellent result. You can find the complete overview of all results of Het Beurslab here.

Looking back

In total, the system has taken four positions. Three of them led to a profit, one position was closed at break-even. First of all, let’s be grateful for what the market has given us. At the same time, it is a pity that none of these positions led to a large profit position.

The system is based on achieving at least one large monthly win position of at least 160 points. This makes it very likely that the month will close profitably and it is often a prelude to an above-average good month. All positions of the past month were at a higher profit than what they were closed for in the end. The reason for this is that the movements that were started could not continue. Sometimes this is frustrating, but as mentioned before the system is based on realizing one or more winners. If we try to take ‘nice’ small profits every time, the risk-reward ratio is no longer correct. But again, let’s not complain: this month, three relatively small profit positions are giving a good result.

Let’s look at the possibilities. On the 4-hour chart below (each candle represents 4 hours of trading time), it can be seen that in June there were only two major movements. Unfortunately we missed both. So it means that we’ve made our profit within the narrower margins. Actually there’s nothing more to be said about this month. There were few chances, but there was also little real danger. In the end we got through it well. On to July!

Looking ahead

Last month we indicated that technical damage had been suffered to such an extent that it was likely that the stock markets would fall further. But also that it would not be surprising that prices would rise if the Central Banks intervened. The latter happened, which caused the prices to rise on the above two days. From a technical point of view, the DAX now paves the way for a ride to 13,000 points (current position about 12,450 points).

At the same time, the market has everything it wants: accommodative central banks and the trade talks between China and the US have been revived. The question is how much of this has already been priced into the market. This can lead to a ‘sell the news’ event. In short: it is likely that the stock markets will continue to rise, but don’t be surprised if we plummet very hard in the coming weeks or months. The chance of this happening is much smaller, but if it happens, it will be accompanied by ‘fire and fury’.

Major Markets Trading allows you to participate in the automatic trading system of Het Beurslab. The DAX30 trading system of Het Beurslab works with lots of € 1750.00. Participation is easy and you don’t need any knowledge about the German DAX30. On this page you can read all about the DAX30 trading system.

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