Het Beurslab results August 2019

Het Beurslab results August 2019

Het Beurslab closed the month of August with a modest net profit of € 15.30 per lot. The algorithm only took two positions.

Looking back

August is usually a quiet month, but that was not the case now. The beginning of the month showed a nice downtrend, but the DAX30 algorithm had no position here. The period after that, actually the whole month, was quite turbulent with a high degree of nervousness. It was often dangerous to be in the market. On the hour chart below it seems very easy, but in the picture we see a lot of false outbreaks.

One of the two positions was closed break even and the other with a small profit.

Looking forward

At the moment the market is in a decision-making phase to determine a new, somewhat longer trend. So far in 2019 we see that the slightly longer uptrends are very jerky, often come out of nowhere, and are short in duration. In any case, the downtrends are more difficult to grasp. It is often the case that we first need one or two attempts before a successful movement can take place. We also see longer periods of consolidation. In these periods it is generally a bit more difficult to trade.

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