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Major Markets Trading offers news and practical information about online trading in forex, CFDs and other leverage products.

The news items on this website are mainly about the market for leverage products and the providers in the forex and cfd markets. The blog posts deal with the practical aspects of online day trading and offer a lot of information about successful trading in forex, CFDs and other financial products. Furthermore you will find news and explanations about algorithmic trading. Major Markets Trading also offers access to two automated trading systems through this website.

Our background

The people behind Major Markets Trading have years of experience with major online brokers and are experts in the field of online trading, the psychology behind day trading and making trading and investment decisions.

Our goal

We strive to describe all the requirements for successful trading so that you can benefit from day trading on a daily basis. These include trade discipline, avoiding pitfalls, the do’s and don’ts of trading, technical analysis and risk management.

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All information on this website is accessible free of charge. It is possible that Major Markets Trading offers information or product references on this website that originate from third parties. Major Markets Trading is not responsible for the content and accuracy of this information or product references. It is also possible that Major Markets Trading receives a fee for placing this information. Furthermore, Major Markets Trading offers access to a number of trading algorithms via this website.

Major Markets Trading does not carry out any transactions for or on behalf of investors and the content of this website should not be construed as financial advice in any sense whatsoever. Any investing or trading decisions should not be made before consulting with a professional (financial) party to get personalized advice.

Trading CFDs and similar products on leverage involves a significant risk of losing money.

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