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Bad robot!


The Central Bank of Zimbabwe is going to mint coins of 22 carats of #Gold in the fight against #Hyperinflation.

The gold coin allows people to exchange their banknotes for a one-ounce coin (31.10 grams), so they don't have to walk around with bags full of cash to go shopping..

#DayTrading for fun is the way to go.

Manual #trading for profit will be something of the past..

For this we have super super super computers and Teraflops.....

1 teraflop = 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) flops.



Will #EURUSD reach parity in the coming days?

EURUSD is less than 300 point away from 1 dollar being 1 euro.

Wonder what the profis have to say about this?

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